Leia Steingart teaches art in the greater Los Angeles area. She works with students at all ages and levels in art, art theory, and art history. She also has a strong background working with clients who identify as differently abled.

If you have interest or know someone who would be, please send an email with the heading: Art Lesson Inquiry. 

In person initial consultation is free.



“Leia brought out the creative side of me. Being a child in the 1970’s, I felt very stifled and intimidated by art teachers that only instructed to “work within the lines.”  I did not believe in myself and my artistic ability until I met Leia.  She has a unique quality to guide while encouraging creativity.  I would highly recommend Leia to help you develop and grow.”

“Leia is my daughter’s art teacher. She is fantastic. She is accurate, creative, intelligent and very patient. We couldn’t be happier in our daughter’s progress in art. She is learning all the concepts of art, while learning how to draw and color beautifully. Highly recommend Leia as an art teacher.”

“Since having Leia as my art teacher, I have expanded my mind from different methods of drawing as well as seeing art in a new theoretical way. She has pushed me to work out of my comfort zone, as well as inspiring my creativity.”

“So many art classes for kids are just babysitting with crafts, but Leia is in a different league.  She teaches our kids about different materials, why they matter, the correct hand grip and techniques for different media. She encourages their creativity but insists on fundamentals, not just giving them a ‘pass’ when something isn’t right.  In addition, while our children do not have special needs, Leia’s background working with special needs communities means that she is uniquely attuned to each student as an individual.  We have referred her to several friends ourselves and are happy to write this recommendation.  Five stars! Two thumbs up!” 

-The Silverton Family
“I had always liked drawing and took a ton of art in school. I wanted to attend an art school but felt my portfolio wasn’t good enough. Leia started working with me during the summer and helped me develop and arrange my portfolio for college applications. I am super proud that I am now entering my second year at a great art school studying illustration.”

 - Brittanny
“Leia is a talented instructor and has such a natural ability to connect with children. She creates age-appropriate yet challenging projects that build vocabulary and encourage creativity for our three-year old. Most importantly, Leia is simply a wonderful positive role model and caring support for our child. She takes the time and energy to learn about and truly engage her students. Every lesson with Leia seems to give our child a chance to grow as an artist and as a person.”